K9 Boogie — Search and Rescue

Location: Troy, Texas

K9 Boogie is a bloodhound. She is a member of Team Texas K9s. She does live finds. She was started at 6 weeks old. Boogies original job, still is, is to find our grandson that has special needs if he goes missing. She has had 3 recoveries of missing loved ones, we also have letters from the agencies. K9 Boogie is a very sweet, loving girl. At first her reward was food, as she got little older decided now I want toy, but now she loves what she does so much refuses food and toys and only wants hugs and praise from person she finds. Boogie stays in contact with the missing families we have recovered. She has become a part of those families lives. K9 Boogie loves the water and loves searching on boats. She loves everyone.