Kahlua — Shelter

Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

A routine day at the clinic for me as a veterinary technician is paused by an appointment that just touched my heart. I get attached to all my patients and definitely treat them like my own fur child. However, this pup just tugged a bit too hard on my heart strings. An adorable 11 week old Labrador puppy struggling to breathe and swallow. After radiographs it was determined she had aspiration pneumonia secondary to a congenital issue Megaesophagus. Megaesophagus is an issue where they can’t swallow normally because it doesn’t have good motility causing food water and saliva too sit pool and then regurgitate it. After speaking with owners they were not able to give life long care to a special needs dog. So I offered a home and sent a picture to my husband “We prayed for a baby, God sent us a puppy!” To my surprise he didn’t freak out! He just said “she’s precious” Little did we know our world was about to be tossed upside down. Not only do we have a puppy in a house full of senior dogs. We have a special needs puppy. This adorable puppy requires every 3 hour feedings in a puppy sling held upright after eating. Pawrenthood was beating us up. We were tired. Until one day I stumbled across a support group. We got a high chair for dogs donated to us from this special group and began to see this little girl grow into a sassy thing that loves everyone. She has been going to schools to teach kids about dogs and veterinary medicine. This girl was rescued but she sure rescued us.