Kammie — Shelter

Location: Longmont, Colorado

I adopted kammie in October of 2019. She came from my local shelter. She was the worst case they had. She came from a terrible hoarding situation and had never been socialized with other people. The first month or so you couldn’t even make eye contact with her or she would run in circles and hide wherever she could. Petting her was not even an option. After about three months of a steady routine she actually wags her tail for the first time! She still does not let people pet her or make direct eye contact with her, however we have built a special bond together. She plays with me and nibbles on me and plays with her toys when I’m around, unfortunately nobody else has seen this side of her because when anybody else is around she is always in fight or flight mode and unfortunately it’s always the flight mode. She gets spooked very easily and will even spook herself sometimes. We are still learning how to walk on a leash. We have come a really long way since October. When I first brought her home she would do circles in the kitchen all night long and not even lay down , now she has her own little bed on the couch and sleeps in that spot every single night. She has yet to venture around the house and call it her home. After putting my best friend of 13 years down, my heart felt so empty and I just felt like there was a life out there as broken as I was and maybe we could help each other. And we have!