Kane — Service

Location: Magnolia, Texas

Kane truly exemplifies what a service dog should be. He is calm & collected under high-pressure situations and is dependable every day – whether the vest is on or off.

I’m Kane’s owner/handler. I suffer from Bipolar Psychosis, often experiencing intense hallucinations and altered reality. Kane is trained to determine what is real and what is not. He also is trained to prevent any harm that I may inflict on myself in my distorted state of mind.

If I had to choose one moment in Kane’s career worth bragging about, it would be the first week of January 2020.

Kane’s skills were displayed when I slipped into a psychotic episode and began hallucinating while at home alone. Unvested and off-duty, Kane jumped into action. He was told to check the room. He searched the living room and kitchen and notified me that I was home alone and what I was seeing was not real. He does this by using a small bringsel dangling from his collar. If someone or something is in the room, he will bite the bringsel to notify me of their presence. However, if what I’m seeing is not really there, he will NOT bite the bringsel (no response) and return back to me.

Unfortunately my episode did not end there however. Auditory hallucinations were commanding me to self-harm. As I turned on the stove and grabbed a knife to heat up and burn my skin, Kane interrupted this by pawing vigorously, making me come to the realization that I was not acting rationally.

It’s thanks to Kane that I was not harmed that day.