Kano — Law Enforcement / Arson

Charity Partner: Project Paws Alive, Inc.
Location: Seward, Kansas

Kano is a 1 year old, Red Nose Pitbull. Kano is very much a large puppy still. Kano belongs to me 100%. Kano is the FIRST Pit Bull Police K9 in the state of Kansas. Kano is a single purpose detection K9. Kano is trained to locate Marijuana, Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Heroin, and Ecstasy. Kano is a rescue from Negras, Mexico. Kano was rescued by Animal Farm Foundation and Universal K9. Kano was named Kano based on a character from Mortal Kombat based on his facial markings. Kano and the dogs in the Universal K9 program were invited to the ICMA conference. ICMA is the largest annual event in the world for local government managers and staff. Leaders from all over the Country were at this conference and could watch these dogs work. Since being on the street, Kano has assisted with 3 drug offenses. Including approximately 8 grams of Methamphetamine, $7,500 worth of Marijuana, and Paraphernalia. Kano has not only been helping get drugs off of the street but also showing a positive role for the Pitbull breed walking through the school, and retirement home with me. Kano is the true meaning of “Street Dog to Police Dog” a phase used by Universal K9 Director Brad Croft! These dogs are not only rescued from shelters but they rescue their handlers as well!!! Kano was photographed prior to leaving training by Ivey Photography. Photographer Chris Smith took photos of the dogs in the program. Kano and the other dogs in the program will be on the cover of “K9 Cop” magazine.

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