Kare Bear — Shelter

Location: Lake City, Florida

The dog I chose is my assie lab mix Kare Bear. She was adopted from a local shelter. She is now 10 years old and still wants to work everyday.

Kare Bear is my hero and the hero of many others. Not only has she helped to teach children the SALT (StopAskListenTouch) program, but she has helped me train many dogs in my AKC STAR and CGC program. After training together for 8 years we have learned each other well. Which has helped when it came time for her next big job. Kare Bear helped to pull my son out of a downward spiral from PTSD. This is when I opened Double Six Service Dogs a non for profit that help Veterans and First Responders in need of a service dog for PTSD. We get all our dogs from shelters and rescue. We say that we save two lives. Kare Bear has been my right hand since the beginning and helps in a very important way. When I go to shelters to find dogs she goes. We walk down the runs if she stops at a dog she smells the dog and if the dog stays calm she will look at me. We will ask to see that dog outside. If she stops and the dog is overwhelming to her she will move on. She usually picks 3-6 dog for outside. If the dog comes running out the door she will sit with her back to them, if the dog walks out calm she will face forward to greet them. By the time we leave she has narrowed it down to 2. She has a 95% success in her choices. The other 5% I don’t consider her fault. We have a total of 22 teams that we have successfully helped. Again saving two lives.