Keller — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Pilots N Paws
Location: North East, Maryland

Keller is a deaf and vision impaired double merle Australian Shepherd. She was born with these disabilities due to irresponsible breeding. A lot of people find the idea of a deaf or blind dog to be terrifying. How can it be trained? How can it get around? How can it live a normal life?

I had these same thoughts when Keller came into my life. She had been taken from the breeder at 5 weeks old just prior to being shot due to her disabilities. I had no idea what I was doing when I got her home. It became very clear to me that Keller didn’t know she was deaf and vision impaired. She would attempt to do anything I asked her and training was so easy!

I wanted to show people what my dog could do and help other people realize that their dog was capable of the same. I started a facebook page for Keller and it blew up. She quickly became a spokesdog for special needs dogs. Keller competes in agility, knows over 30 commands/tricks through hand signals, and has her novice trick dog title.

We started a non-profit, Keller’s Cause, geared towards educating on merle to merle breeding and advocating for special needs dogs. We started creating free training resources, hosting demonstrations, and posting daily musings on Facebook.

Keller travels along the east coast to events to teach people that a deaf and vision impaired dog can do anything.
Keller lives her life to teach everyone that disabilities are only what you make them!