Kosciuszko — Therapy

Location: Sacramento, California

It was 2017 when I received a call from my husband that there was a Research Dog that needed a home. That same day we headed to the research facility and there was Patsy Kline (Kosciuszko). She is a beautiful three in a half year old fox hound, happy and playful. She had been at the research lab since 2014. We took Patsy out to the side yard at the facility where she was happy to play tug a war and ball. I turn to my husband and said “can we take her home? ” We agreed to adopt her but first she would have to be released my the veterinarian and we would not be able to take her home today. As we left I said to the staff member, “nobody else will get her, right?” The staff member said no she is yours. I had tears in my eye not wanting to leave her at the kennel.

Five days later we went to pick Patsy up. All the staff had gathered to say good bye to Patsy, she was a special dog. Patsy, now Kosciuszko (Kosci), had never seen a TV, carpet, rock pathways, a doggy door, it was so cute to watch as she learn about her new home. Due to Kosci’s mellow disposition I thought she would make a good therapy dog. We interviewed with Capital Therapy Dog. Now, she could continue to give back as she had done for years as a research dog. Her job is to go to libraries, schools and hospitals so people can pet her. Kosci loves her new job and we love Kosci.

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