Kronos — Shelter

Location: Hereford, Arizona

Kronos is a 6 year old half deaf Australian Cattle Dog Mix. He was adopted from Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue. He is such a character, a jester at home, and has brought so much joy and light to my life. After losing both parents, times were difficult. Adopting Kronos changed my life for the better-he loves making me laugh and is an amazing little dog. He grabs his pillow toy and throws it to me asking to play. He looks at me with adorable and imploring eyes, a slight head tilt, and a contagious grin on his face.
Kronos was born as a stray-his mom and littermates were found on the road and turned into Pinal Animal Shelter before being pulled by ACDR. The reserved houndy eared puppy decided I was his human and convinced me he should stay. He is very photogenic and often the subject of my many photos. Kronos challenges me to get out of my comfort zone and reminds me to live in the moment. Together we’ve done a few shows with traveling stunt dog teams, appeared on a national rescue dog show to support animal rescues, and had my photos of Kronos appear in some advertising such as on the cover of the summer 2018 Dogster magazine and even on a billboard in Times Square on NY’s Eve! Kronos enjoys learning tricks, vaulting into water, and exploring outdoors. He is very athletic and intelligent and quite a talker-he makes otherworldly noises which are unfathomable and hilarious to hear.

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