Lacey — Therapy

Charity Partner: PAWS for People
Location: Elkton, Maryland

Lacey is the sweetest, most loving dog I know.She loves everyone and everything she has met.She truly enjoys visiting hospitals, nursing homes, schools, libraries and sharing her perfectly sweet temperament to everyone she meets.She has participated in a study at the University of Delaware to evaluate therapy dog’s affect on autistic children, where the professor responsible for the study was amazed at the positive results.She has given her unconditional love and support to Alzheimer patients, cancer patients, autistic children and the little struggling readers she visits each week.I’ve seen children afraid of dogs open up to her, I’ve seen retired priests that didn’t want visits, ask for her to visit them. I’ve also seen autistic children that would normally scream and make loud noises, calm down, smile and spend time petting and concentrating on the task at hand.She is a hero in my eyes.I know she’s a hero in all of the people’s eyes that she has spent time or worked with as well as the parents of the children she has helped.She has been spreading her sweet, loving personality to so many people for almost 9 years.Most of her life.The picture I submitted is a typical evening after her busy visits with her little readers. Even though she is slowing down, she continues to enjoy her therapy visits!She gets so excited when I pull out her Paws for People green leash & wipe her down with aloe baby wipes!It’s time to give and spread her love!! She can’t get in the car fast enough