Lady Cassidy — Shelter

Location: Ethel, Louisiana

On the third anniversary of my son’s death, Lady Cassidy entered my life.
She walked up to my office and simply captured our heart.
Her body in shambles, her leg mangled, bone exposed, a toe broken, AND SMILING. She knew she was home. On my weakest day, I became hope, and Lady Cassidy became my mission.
For her story is simple, our journey has been amazing. She has shown others, life is worth investing in. Her smiles warm us all and remind us to power on. Her unlimited power to brighten a room, reminds me of son, in a way.
I believe he guided her to me. Once the hardest day of my life (the anniversary of my son Cassidy’s death) now, a reflection of inspiration.
Lady Cassidy, my smiling angel. Greets everyone, she journeys on pet transports, helping save 1000’s of other pets lives yearly.
She greets children at schools speaking on disability. She tackles her day with a smile and a warning to all, YOU ARE GONNA LOVE ME. (we all do!)
Lady Cassidy has the power to find our happy, and yours!
In a hectic world she reminds us to slow down and find our happy. I often wonder who rescued who.
Her handicap is visible, but she will find yours. People always ask me,” how does she know? ”
I needed that, that soft nudge, that smile, that moment. Lady Cassidy, my healing heart!
Her soft eyes and passion filled smile will find that ‘hidden hope’ in us all.
We need a hero, Lady Cassidy deserves a platform to tell her story,”to help capture the hopeless hearts and bring them home too”