Lady — Service

Location: Kiowa, Oklahoma

Lady was trained with me through delta society when i was diagnosed with ptsd and i also had balance issues my v.a phsychiatrist payed for our training what i didnt know was that she was more than just a dog and saved me in more ways than one i was in a dark place she could bring me out of it. at one time she pulled me back out of the street right before a truck wouldve killed me. i was also in a home for veterans and one night chest pains were to much at 3am i collapsed in the doorway and she alerted the other veterans and stood over me till the ambulance came. she has arthrites now and i have retired her but she is more than family she is my hero she is my “lady” and i will make the rest of her life as comfortable as i can as she was there when i needed her most….

We are both getting old but we will be together forever as i have made arrangements for our ashes to be put together upon our last adventure.

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