Laurene — Service

Sponsor: Lulu's Fund
Location: Long Beach, California

On April 30, 2018 I was nervous and alone with a new dog in a hotel room in Concord, CA. I had made the decision to get my own diabetic alert dog and was assigned Laurene. She was to sleep at the side of my bed and then we would return in the morning to EARLY ALERT CANINES for training.
I went to bed at 11 PM. At 2 AM the dog had jumped onto my bed, waking me by licking and pawing me. My first thought was I wanted a dog so I could sleep through the night. I planned to get up at 8 AM. It dawned on me that I should look at my insulin pump. I had not heard any alarms. As I looked, it said PUMP FAILED at 11:08. I had no insulin delivery and there were no blood sugar readings on the pump. I did a fingerstick test and it said “High.” It took 4 hours with insulin injections to get a 388 reading meaning it had been dangerously high. So without Laurene being there, I wouldn’t be writing this story. I would’ve been in a coma found by the maid, or DEAD!
Laurene was a dog just introduced to me and yet she SAVED MY LIFE! A real super hero! She is “more powerful than my insulin pump, faster than a dropping blood sugar, and able to leap up on tall beds in a single bound to save me.”
The photo captures her concerned caring eyes to say “check your sugar” just prior to her giving me a gentle paw saying “I detect the chemical change-do something before you can’t function!”
Laurene fits all the attributes of a hero. She continues to be a blessing, restoring and saving my life!

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