Lehmer — Guide / Hearing

Location: Millville, New Jersey

Heroes are most often known for saving lives. Rescuing innocent citizens from evil, or disasters. But heroes do more then that. They teach us. They teach right and wrong, and how important it is to always make the right choices.
Heroes conquer the world with humility and determination, looking at the joy and good in all things. Heroes love fiercely and encapsulate all of the best attributes there are. Lehmer is all of these things.

I struggle hard to identify just one moment that makes Lehmer a hero. It could be the countless times he’s made a decision that keeps us safe, even when I think he’s wrong. It could be all of the times he just laid with me when I was sick or tired. It could be all the broken hearts his unyielding love has helped to mend.

But what I think really makes him the hero that sold my heart is his heart to conquer the world. His love and acceptance for everyone and every circumstance. Working in a trauma focused field, Lehmer’s silly loving heart brings laughter and smiles to so many. In our volunteer roles he is a champion for those needing the smiles he can bring. And through his guiding, I’m able to support survivors of power based violence, homeless individuals or those contending with addiction. Together, we can do so much, and the experience is always incredible

Whether he is guiding me through my daily routine, chasing snowflakes or rolling around for belly rubs, Lehmer gives life his all. His passion, joy and love run deeper then words can say.

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