Lemmy — Shelter

Location: Salem, Indiana

Lemmy came to me and my wife during a very hard time for us as we were dealing with the loss of another basset due to cancer. We can’t have children so our pets mean the world to us. We brought her home and she is a bundle of energy learning to use her nose for scent tracking and spending time in the community building relationships with town folk.She is training to be therapy emotional support dog we hope to visit some veterans and children’s hospitals along her journey. Due to the fact we have no kids or school schedules to conflict we plan on traveling with her to spread her love and to help others brighten there day.She loves children she’s a hit at every play park she goes to. A children’s book is in the works for the proceeds to help rescue sheltered pets here in her town (it’s pretty ran down) maybe someday a new shelter but one step at a time. But as stated she’s a hero to me and my wife for pulling us they the sadness and her inspiration to others daily makes her their hero.

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