Liberty Belle — Shelter

Location: Wooster, Ohio

My dog was born in Texas and had lived there roughly eight years, but I first met my dog in Washington, in a small rescue outside Seattle. I took 3 buses and 2 different trips out there trying to find the right dog for me and then I met this sassy, sweet chow mix and it was instant love. She sat in front of me, tipped her head straight back and looked me in the face and I was besotted. I never imagined that day that this dog on the other end of the line would not only become my best friend but she would also forever change my life and others lives around her. I have struggled with depression and anxiety most of my early adult years but when a stress disorder left me struggling physically, I never imagined this broken abused rescue would be able to help me and yet she stepped into the role as if she was born for it. Despite facing her own trust and fear issues she taught me how to overcome my own struggles and how to not only survive but also to heal. She easily draws people’s attention and brings smiles to every child and adult who meet her. I’ve watched her gently lick a young man who struggled with confidence issues and make him feel special, and I’ve seen her make a teary eyed child light up upon sight. Liberty not only improves and changes my life daily, but she also touches other people as well. Its truly hard to believe that my dog was once a castaway, and now she’s a bright light amidst the darkness for so many people including myself.

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