Liberty — Service

Charity Partner: New Leash on Life
Location: Port Angeles, Washington

She began her service dog career behind doggy gates, putting her little head up to peer through the bars. Confined to the kitchen, she received her name when her pleading eyes seemed to say “Give me Liberty!” A three-year old Golden Retriever, Liberty helps me by bracing, opening doors, reteirve items and finding help. She is not only my service dog, but a service dog trainer and a human soother. Liberty went from untying double-knotted tennis shoes in seconds to picking up the new trainees’ leashes, leading them around and teaching them how to sit, stay and heel. Recently I rescued another Golden. My friend and I tried for 40 minutes to get her in the house with no avail. Just when I was running out of ideas, Liberty looked at me, picked up her leash and brought her in the house. Last summer I volunteered at a Veterans stand-down event. One of the organizers explained that a homeless Veteran with post-traunatic-stress was to traumatized to enter and get the help he needed. Finding him out side, I droped Liberty’s leash. Without speaking a word she went straight to him and put her head in his lap. He started petting her, and you could visibly see his tension release, and we were able to help him. Liberty amazes me in ways I never could have imagined. She is so much more than just my service dog: She brings liberty to Veterans every day.