Lily — Therapy

Location: Rocky Mount, North Carolina

Lily is a 4.5 year old, fun loving girl, who will brighten anyone’s day with her infectious smile and wiggly tail! Every visit begins the same, she proudly walks up to the doors, then with her head thrown back, a grin from ear to ear and her tail going a mile a minute, she walks through those doors to do a job she was made for. While Lily has been easy to train, one outstanding characteristic that emerged is her ability to sense people who love dogs to ones who are more hesitant, and more recently, her reaction to patients in oncology/infusion. While we visit a variety of schools and facilities, our cancer visits are untouchable.

In 2018, we helped create a pet therapy program at our local hospital and we started in oncology. From there we were able to get the infusion center included into our visits. Lily still walks through those doors, happy as ever to see staff and patients, but we soon noticed her instant response to patients receiving treatments. As soon as meds are administered, she watches the nurse, the patient and goes back a forth a few times and start sniffing the air then like a switch go into a more comforting approach. Soon after, we realized she can smell the medicines after “sniffing out” the pharmacy! Staff and volunteers alike are amazed to see how she responds to each person whether receiving chemo and/or radiation. She’s now the familiar regular that sees in new patients, waves bye to ones who have finished treatments and snuggles everyone in between!

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