Lincoln — Shelter

Location: Ashland City, Tennessee

Lincoln is a 9 month old German Australian Shepherd mix, At a family picnic in the park last summer we met a cute little blue eyed puppy and the Owner said she was just 1of a litter of 14 pups, We expressed interest in having 1 but they were for sale for $300. So we put it out of our minds . A few weeks later we got a message that said there were only 2 left and the entire litter had perished 1 by 1 , Being a Veterinarian Assistant I thought it must be parvo and they would probably not survive, But I wanted to try!
Once the pups got here the clear tote they had ridden the hour long drive back to our house was covered In tiny seed ticks and the pups were crawling with fleas, We bathed them and sat in the sun with them to dry.
The next few days would prove to be challenging ,They were extremely weak and sick
After the 3rd day they began to eat and get a little better every day !
Lincoln and his little sister Lana were going to make it!
I’m nominating him because from the beginning he has always been very protective of his sister and I don’t think she could have made it without his constant attention.
When I took them to the Vet he would not be more than a few feet from her and barked at any one who got too close to her.He continues to be her hero every day and it has been a very emotional and exciting time watching them grow and thrive!