Loca — Shelter

Location: Killeen, Texas

In 2009 I went to the shelter to look for a dog, at the time I was pregnant and wanted a small dog. I walked in and stopped in front of her cage due to her trying to get our attention, I had never owned a pitbull before however she was beautiful! I took her on the leash and you could tell she wanted to come home with us. She walked next to me, was very gentle, immediately listened to commands, and was smiling so big! I had to get her! Over the past 9 years of having her she has became not only family, but my best friend! I have survived domestic violence, with her by my side; I’ve conquered my addiction’s and became sober with her never treating me different; I’ve lost people I loved with her to comfort me; and most importantly is I’ve completely fallen in LOVE!! When I cry she knows it and will give me a hug, if she thinks someone is trying to harm us she will put herself in front of me. She can definitely understand me and listens to every command except not to jump on door LOL. I could never have a better dog, and I NEVER will! Going to the shelter that day was the best decision I made, I wish dogs could live as long as people because I cry just thinking about her not being here. I don’t know what I would’ve done without her, her love and loyalty has kept me going all these years.

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