Loki — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Dogs on Deployment
Location: Glassboro, New Jersey

Not all heroes wear capes, although I guess technically Loki is more a vigilante than a caped crusader. He holds no certification other than that from the vet; No formal training other than his daily mental and physical exercises, and yet even without these things he seems instinctively to know what to do. When someone is upset he sits next to them without being asked, and if my wife is upset he paws my leg to let me know. He’s gentle around babies and small animals, and never barks except at the park. He exudes a quiet wisdom and a joyful charm… almost at the same time. Writer Thom Jones once said “Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them”, and every day I’m reminded when I come home of just how lucky we are that we have them.

I keep this photo on me always as a reminder of what really matters in life. To embrace each day and always take a moment to enjoy the view. He isn’t a guide dog, or a therapy dog, but he is my dog and I love him.