Lola — Therapy

Location: Los Angeles, California

At age 4, Lola was dumped at a volunteer’s doorstep, scared in horrible condition after being bred countless times and all her puppies sold. She had been neglected and abused. Lola was rescued and immediately loved. Work to rehabilitate her broken spirit began. Lola quickly learned basics like climbing stairs. She lost her shiver and found her purpose. Despite cruel treatment from people in her past, Lola only gave love and kindness to every person she met. Six months after being rescued, Lola excelled in her advanced training and became a certified therapy dog. Lola was ready to “rescue” others.

At UCLA Hospital, Lola visits sick patients, distressed families, and dedicated staff weekly, providing therapeutic love and support. Lola is a welcome and needed respite. Lola’s also a compassionate companion for actively dying patients at end of life with no loved ones. She visits schools & libraries, listening to children, including special-needs, to develop their confidence, reading, and communication. Her presence offers children a safe & encouraging space to learn. Lola is on the Animal-Assisted Crisis Response team in SoCal to meet those affected by natural disasters & traumas. Lola comforted students after a fatal high school shooting and victims/first responders after devastating CA wildfires.

Lola brings comfort, joy, healing, & unconditional love to others. She positively impacts people in their moments of need. Lola is a hero. Not all heroes wear capes; some have fur!