Louey — Service

Location: Daytona Beach, Florida

I would like to nominate my service dog Louey for the hero dog Awards because I feel like he saves my life all of the time! The tasks that he performs help me with disabilities that I have and provide for me a better quality of life than what I would have without him as a service dog. After my first service dog retired at 13 years old I was discouraged that I would never find another dog like him. I rescued Louey offline from an ad that said “free puppies”. We drove 2 hours to get him and brought him home, took care of him and watched him grow and seen how compassionate, kind and gentle that he was. We started hardcore training when he was 8 months old and now he can do numerous things to help me and my disabilities. He can perform deep pressure therapy and tactile stimulation along with grounding by placing his paw on my foot When I Grow anxious and it helps me to ground myself in the moment along with constantly pawing my hand and grabbing my arm to set me down when I need a minute to collect myself. He can also find the door, elevator, my husband and the truck when asked if I am having an episode where I am too flustered to function I can rely on him to help me so that I do not shut down completely and do not know where to go. He also naturally alerts to my oncoming migraines and will warn me about 2 hours prior so that I can prepare myself. As of right now we are currently working on dropped item retrieval and opening and closing doors and drawers. This is my hero

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