Louie — Shelter

Location: Myerstown, Pennsylvania

Louie, the fighter, was found wondering the streets of Philadelphia. He was picked up by animal control and taken the the local shelter. There, Louie got extremely depressed and later gravely ill due to overcrowding, disease outbreak and horrible shelter conditions. Louie had no chance when he became ill…finaces were limited… he was timestamped. Placed in a trailer and scheduled to leave this world at 5pm. Amazingly, rescuers from another city were in Philly to pick up another dog. By accident, they went into the trailer.. Louie lifted his tired little head and wagged his tail… thats was it…this fawn colored handsome boy needed a miracle and it was granted. Off Louie went to another city.. sick, scared, unsure and broken. For two weeks, his new shelter and family fought to save his life. Battling parainfluenza that turned to pneumonia. It took round the clock care, prayers and love. Many tears were shed. Many days were thought to be the last, but Louie, the fighter, wasn’t down.. Louie survived. When neutered, previous broken bones were noticed. Growths removed. He was starting fresh. Louie in the country loving life. Our big city boy loved his country living! Louie is s still terribly shy and trusting humans is hard. Louie with another dogs, that’s were he lights up! He loves other K9 friends! Louie loves his trusted human companions and thanks them each day for the gift of life that was bestowed on him that fateful day in Philly. Louie had an angel that day!