Lovey Bear — Shelter

Location: Southampton, New Jersey

Lovey Bear is an elegant, lovely-looking Great Pyrenees. I must admit, the P in Pyrenees stands for “Pretty much Pyrfect.” She is an a delicate lady with a calm, gentle, easygoing nature. She is a super delightful, affectionate girl, and all she really want to do is be a big lapdog getting endless snuggles. She LOVES people so much. You make my heart and soul feel so warm. She hasn’t had the easiest life to endure, but She always managed to keep her head high and my heart strong. She lived her 7 years in Kentucky just roaming around yonder, not really having much of a homelife. She had countless babies in her life and on her own. Fate was on my side when my “owner” agreed to surrender me. I feel like a new lady now, I am now living in New Jersey, in a warm house, not tied outside, I’ve never lived in a house before, with my new family who just loves on me all day long