Luci — Service

Location: West Chester, Ohio

Luci is a hero in many ways, she has gotten me through one of the hardest points in my life, and continues to keep me safe and well. After college I lived alone in a one bedroom apartment, for months I struggled to find a job that would be willing to accommodate my disabilities and need for my service dog. I became even more depressed while applying and being denied job opportunities, almost immediately after they had found out I needed my service dog, and wasn’t just training her for someone else. I have a severe fear of being in public alone, as a result of my panic disorder. I trapped myself in my apartment as much as I could, with this my depression grew and I saw little light. Luci is always happy, she NEVER stops wagging her tail. She loves working, when she sees her gear she jumps in excitement. Seeing the way she took on the daily challenges of working herself, I knew with her I could become independent. Luci gives me the safe feeling that when I go to the store even for 5 min I will be safe. When I’m having bipolar episodes Luci is there to make sure I get up, eat, and take my meds. Luci gave me the ability to run long distance again, she alerts to my asthma attacks, keeps me steady, and makes sure I’m okay. Luci grabs my medication for attacks when I cannot even think about that. She has prevented my self harming behaviors during attacks to the point I rarely have a mark anymore. Luci gave me my freedom and independence. Luci is my hero. She saves my life everyday