Ludo — Therapy

Location: Covina, California

Ludo had a not so loving start to life he was bought as a bandaid for a child when she lost a friend. Ludos energy and size were quickly too much for the family to want to deal with and they were ready to get rid of him. Luckily for him a family member suggested asking their groomer if she can find him a home. In walks this scared 10 month old pup who never had a hug mever got to ride in a car or socialize with the fanily because he was confined to a crate. At first i thought id foster him while finding the perfect home but after our 2 hours together a d seeing him light up when i allowed him up on the bed to cuddle he melted into my arms and i knew he was mine. I set out to give him the best life possible. we started training and working really hard on learning all kinds of new things together to get us to our big therapy training weekend. We were so hard that weekend and he gave so much love to so many people. I knew he needed to be shared with the world because he is such a wonderful loving and spectacular soul. Every event we walk in to people light up to see him we dress up for different occasions because it puts a smile on the kids faces. He has kids who might be having a tough time sit and cuddle him for awhile and it seems to take their minds off of whatever they are going thru at the moment. He is a hero to me as well because he filled my heart with so much more love and compassion. We hope to be able to spread love to every person we touch for as long as we can.