Luna Nova — Shelter

Location: Charleston, West Virginia

Luna is an amazing dog. She was adopted from the animal shelter (she has only been with us for 4 months- she was adopted at age 8 months- 1 year). Despite never being in anyones home before, she became quite protective and helpful within days. I have many health problems, one of which causes me to faint. Luna, despite any proper training, always runs to my side to assist me any time I collapse or scream in anyway. She knows when I am not feeling well and will follow me around to make sure I am okay. She also is very protective of our home and her humans. Luna is amazing because despite her lack of proper training, she has become a service dog for me. She was not even house broken when we got her, yet her intelligence allowed her to become housetrained within a week of her entrance. Luna Nova is kind and friendly to every animal, her best friend is a cat who she cares for and plays with all the time. Luna was one of 3 puppies found stranded in a rural area, she didn’t even know how to play with toys when we got her. Yet now, she has learned to become protective of me and help me whenever I need it, sometimes she knows before I do.