Macy Jo — Shelter

Location: Arthur, Illinois

Macy is a rescue, I call her a puppymill survivor. She was used for commercial breeding for the first six years of her life. Macy came into my life shortly after I lost my Penelope, another yorkie rescue. She had just lost her baby a couple days prior. She was very broken and timid. Also very sick, her uterus was going into pyometra, which is an infection in the uterus and it could have killed her. When I brought her home, you could see the sadness in her eyes. I gave her, her space and allowed her time to grieve. It took about 6 months for her to understand that she’s safe and in a loving home. Once she decided that, her bond with me changed from running to hide when she seen me to being my little shadow. I new she was a special dog once she allowed herself to be loved.
Macy can bring joy to any person she sees and with that we educate people. That shopping for a puppy is not all hearts and flowers for the parents. Also that there are millions of dogs world wide needing a home. Showing people that you can get a pure breed from a shelter or rescue group. Educating them that yes it costs to adopt a dog but that dog is fully vaccinated for a year and it’s spayed or neutered. Macy goes with me on transports for the local rescues I volunteer with. I want to think she is giving them moral support and telling them that their new life will be scary at first but amazing. Macy is just an amazing, loving and caring dog. She is in every word my baby.

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