Madam Ruby Jazzebelle — Service

Location: Middletown, Ohio

My Service dog Madam Ruby Jazzebelle has saved me 5 times in the 5 years I have had her from being hit by a car while putting herself in harms way. She also helps me to get up & down from the floor & helps me get upstairs and downstairs. I had a stroke and lost my vision in my left eye. I had neck surgery and had 5 discs in my neck fused and while in recovery was overdosed and had to have CPR. This caused me to have a longer recovery period and nursing home stay. She also attends Xavier University with me & helps carry my papers. She was nominated to be the Ambassador for Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky for American Mental Health. No matter where I go, everyone knows & loves Ruby & if I am down or worried, she puts her paw & head on me. Ruby is my life saver and a beautiful AKC Golden Retriever and also has the Canine Good Citizen Award too.

She is truly a blessing in my life & to everyone she meets.