Madam — Service

Charity Partner: America's Vet Dogs
Location: Monroe, Ohio

My Service dog Ruby helps me by staying to the left of me due to a stroke and lost my vision in my left eye. I also have severe cervical & spinal stenosis which causes me to lose my balance. Ruby keeps me from falling by staying close to me. When I sit down or lay down, she comes by my side and I hold on to her to get up. I also having a hearing loss & she alerts me by nudging me if something is happening.

She also stayed in my bed by me while I was in the hospital with Lymphocytic Colitis and lost 15 pounds. I was too weak to get to the bathroom & she helped my by holding on to her.

I was in Lindner Mental Care Center for 5 days & I was able to get Ruby not long after being released. I suffer also from PTSD and she knows when I am sad or upset and comes and lays on my lap or puts her head on my shoulder when I am resting. She is the reason I am still alive and I can’t imagine my life without her.

I am going to be having major surgery February 22 and while I am in ICU my Professor of Theology will be caring for her. She attends Xavier University in Cincinnati OH with me on Saturdays helping me carry my books too.

Everyone that has met her has said that she is the best trained Service dog they have ever met.