Maggie — Therapy

Location: Bronson, Michigan

I met Maggie while working at a local animal hospital. Maggie did not have an easy start to life as she lost her tail at only a few days old and when all of her litter mates began to walk Maggie drug her back right leg along behind her. Clearly having some special needs ahead of her I talked with her owner about the possibility of adopting Maggie with the promise of excellent care for her. Her owners agreed and Maggie joined my husband and I just months after we were married. Three foot surgeries later, Maggie completed not only her basic puppy obedience classes but also, under the guidance & teaching of our trainer, became a certified therapy dog. As a public school K-12 counselor it didn’t take much for our trainer to talk me into putting in the extra hours with Maggie. At a school with a current 83% rate of free & reduced lunch, the need for emotional support in our building is alway great. With the support of my building principal Maggie has provided hundreds of students and staff members in our building with the love & affection they need during difficult times. In addition, Maggie has been called to other buildings in our county to help during emergency grief situations. From supporting students who have lost a loved one to being a listening ear while learning how to read aloud, Maggie has changed the culture of our building in a beautiful way. Her spunky personality & desire to love those around her will continue to benefit students for years to come.

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