Maggie — Service

Charity Partner: Capital City K9 Service
Location: Blaine, Washington

I rescued Maggie in June of 2014. She was set to be uthanized by a dog shelter. One look of her picture, I knew she was for me. I had a prescription from my doctor for a dog to help with my acute PTSD. I picked her up and we went through service dog training. I then came down with Lung Cancer. She was there for me after my Chemo sessions. She know when I am going to have a panic attack often times before I do. We went back and finished her service dog training. Chemo left me unstable while walking or using stairs. Maggie also knew while I was walking when I needed to stop and breathe. She saved my life. I would not be alive today if I did not have her. After Sunday’s Curch service she meets with the elderly and children. Maggie even went and visited a sick child from the Church in the hospital. The nurses wished she could have stayed for other patients. Without Maggie, I would not be alive today. My work would not allow me to bring her to work, and so I had to retire. Maggie is my life saver. Although I am 59 years, Maggie is my best friend and was there during other devastating times. Cutting my career short was one of them.