Margie — Guide / Hearing

Location: Yorktown Heights, New York

I am nominating my Guide Dog, Margie. She is “The American Hero Dog” from New York. I am Grateful, Happy, Amazed of my Guide Dog. I took a picture of “Margie” with the sunset nearing, the lake in the background, a winter storm approaching, and mountains surrounding our lake. The next day we had snow! Tons of it!! I have nominated my Guide Dog, Margie, above, because she is truly why the word “HERO” was created. Above is a picture of “Margie” and she amazes me everyday with the things that she will do, being my “Hero”. Phrases that describe my “Hero” are in lessor words are: THANKS for Guiding me “Safely”! THANKS for your obvious “Excitement” to greet me in the “AM”! THANKS for your “Unconditional Love”! THANKS for your “Nose Prints” on my Windows! THANK YOU for your “Vision”! THANKS for covering my clothes with “Blonde Hair”! THANKS for “Choosing Me”! THANKS for the Adventures “Then” “Now” & “Tomorrow”! Margie is My “HERO”. She has Guided me home safely after being lost in the mountains. It was one of an amazing day with my “Hero”. Margie and I went for a walk and ended up venturing into Knots Mountain. After a while, I realized that I was not heading home. I was surrounded; enveloped with mountains. Swallowed!! Margie took a stance; never before in that way. I questioned her; I followed her; She guided me home!! I was amazed!! She is my “Hero”; my “Life”. Thank you for allowing “Margie”, a Guide Dog from New York, to participate. She is truly a “Hero”. She represents “Hero” in the purest form; “Deserving” of the Title.