Marla — Shelter

Location: Fredericksburg, Virginia

Marla’s Story – In December 2011, Marla and a female Boxer and 11 Boxer puppies were rescued from a farm by a compassionate trio comprised of a local enforcement official, a local veterinarian, and Boxer Rescue Organization Volunteers. Due to Marla’s left eye requiring medical attention and other problematic living conditions, the property owner surrendered all the dogs to the Boxer Rescue Organization. Marla was transported to a local animal hospital where her left eye was surgically removed, and the eye socket closed with sutures. Marla then began her freedom journey to the Washington DC-area and was greeted by warm-hearted Poodle Rescue Organization Volunteers. On December 23, 2011, her journey continued south to Fredericksburg Virginia, where Marla was fostered and adopted by her Forever Family. In 2014, due to infection, sadly, Marla lost sight in her right eye. Marla wears her halo so when she bumps to objects, she won’t hurt her head. Marla loves meeting people and especially spending time with children. Children improve their reading skills by reading to Marla, and in turn, Marla makes them feel relaxed, so they enjoy reading. Marla’s story showcases the big hearts of all the dog-loving people involved in her rescue; her uniqueness which shows children that even without sight, she can help them improve their reading skills; and seeing Marla brings a smile to each face.

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