Marleau — Therapy

Charity Partner: Pet Partners
Location: Fremont, California

Marleau is an AKC Therapy dog who volunteers with the Valley Humane Society. She visits patients at Kaiser Hospital Fremont and the VA Hospital every week. She has a heart for veterans and is an important part of the lives of the veterans who live in the Community Living Center. She brings joy to veterans who may not get any visitors, so she has become their family. She will jump into the bed with a veteran and snuggle until they are ready for her to move onto the next room. Marleau has been with veterans in their final days and has brought some sunshine into the lives of newcomers to the hospital. Her nickname at the VA Hospital is Love Sponge.

At Kaiser Hospital, Marleau visits with patients, doctors, nurses, and families. Every week, someone will comment how special Marleau is and how she made their day. A hospital is the perfect setting for a therapy dog to relieve anxiety, fear, and pain; and Marleau is amazingly calm and loving there.

Marleau also visits animators, writers and employees at Pixar Studios for stress relief. Employees there often say that is the best day of the month when the therapy dogs come to visit! She is also a favorite at many high schools and colleges during finals week for stress therapy. Students always say how much just petting a dog gives them some anxiety relief from their big tests.

It never stops surprising me how important my dog is to other people. She brightens the day of many people!