Marley — Shelter

Location: Yorktown, Virginia

We adopted Marley from a nokill animal shelter almost 10 yrs ago. The story we were told was that he was found in a trash can with his brothers and sisters. All of them except for him were adopted pretty quick. Marley had been at the shelter for eight months. Little did we know that this shy boy would be one of the best things that happened to our family.
Marley has a lot of medical problems in which we fixed after getting him neutered, removed warts out of him mouth, and took care of his stomach and now his teeth he has managed to bring our family a lot of love and he has become not just our pet but family. He is so special because we are a military family with four kids and one being special needs. Marley has stepped up and has become a great emotional support animal. He knows when the kids or myself need a hug he comes and sits in front of us and gives us one when we need it.
Marley has been with us through 3 deployments filling our hearts with purpose but most importantly, being there for the kids and me when we need a hug and a shoulder to cry on.

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