Marley — Shelter

Location: Ocklawaha, Florida

Marley. Probably wasn’t the first name she had, maybe not even the second. Her journey….I can’t say where that started. But what I do know, is that she found her way to me. I happened to play softball and to get to the park, you had to drive through the neighborhood. The location happened to be off of a major road, across from a target. My mom was actually the one who first spotted her, and my mom was part of a rescue group that rescued and rehomed the strays. I heard about this pup through my mom who found it a struggle to catch the gorgeous hound dog. The pup would cross the busy street to rummage through garbage outside of the target, merely avoiding being struck by vehicles. One very cold January night, the pup that ran, gained enough trust through my mom. That tiny ounce of trust was just enough. She came home with my mom. I felt a draw towards Marley almost immediately with those haunted brown eyes. I wanted to fix her, but little did I realize she would be saving me.
The more time I spent with Marley, the closer we got. It scared me. I knew the point of fostering was to be able to get her ready for a new home, with new people. I would count my days, each day I had her was a blessing. Every tear I cried into her fur, scared she would be leaving soon. Years later, I still have my girl. The one who saved me. We survived each other. She was and is loyal to every end possible. Marley is my biggest blessing. Nobody will ever understand this kind of love that we have.

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