Matilda — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Fresno Bully Rescue
Location: Las cruces, New Mexico

In March 2017, my disabled parents lost their home to a fire caused by a dryer. Matilda, their rescued 3 year old Pitbull jumped on their bed, tugged at the sheets and barked until my parents woke up. Matilda navigated through the smoke and made sure my parents were out safely. When they were safe, she ran back inside and attempted to rescue her chihuahua sister Bella. Unfortunately both Bella and Matilda succumbed to the smoke and were found together underneath my parent’s bed. Fortunately with the assistance of the San Antonio Fire Department both dogs were brought out and were resuscitated. Matilda suffered extreme smoke inhalation and needed emergency veterinary care. Dr. Arrington and his team at Becker Animal hospital worked tirelessly for three days and kept her under 24 hour watch. Since then Matilda’s Health has improved and she is now residing with me and my husband until my parents can get back on their feet. Matilda is my hero because without her my parents would not be alive today. She has been honored by the veterinary hospital as a pet hero and brightens my life everyday.