Mickey — Service

Location: McVeytown, Pennsylvania

From the moment Mickey was placed in my son’s arms, at 9 weeks old, he has been a blessing. The day we met him my son’s glucose levels were high because of his excitement. Mickey was placed in his arms and immediately began to alert. We brought him home and have been impressed with him every day since. He is 21 months old now and completely has his boy’s back. He accompanies him on shopping trips, dinner outings, doctor’s appointments, trips to the arcade, and numerous vacations that even included Walt Disney World at 18 months of age. No matter where we are and what events are going on around him, Mickey always takes care of his boy first. He will leap up from a sound sleep to rush to his boy’s side to alert. He will drop a ball in a rousing game of fetch to alert his boy. He will even wake him after they’ve gone to bed for the night to alert.

His love and devotion doesn’t stop at his alerts either! He is his boy’s best friend. They are inseparable. He comforts him when his glucose levels are out of whack, he teases him with a toy to get him up and moving, and he completely loves any time that they spend together playing and training. Mickey is a hero to our family because he has saved his boy’s life on numerous occasions already in his young life. Mickey is an American Hero Dog!