Miki — Therapy

Charity Partner: Attitudes in Reverse
Location: Plainsboro, New Jersey

A Little Dog with a BIG Mission!

In Sept. 2008, Miki, the Pomeranian came into my life when he was 6 months old. He was in the middle of the “pom uglies” & not wanted by anyone. Little did I realize, this dog would save my life and the lives of so many others.

At that time, my family was struggling with helping my son Kenny, who was fighting suicidal ideation. Sadly, Kenny did not have much time with Miki & died May 19, 2009. Kenny’s memory was met with discrimination because of how he died. As a family, we responded & created Attitudes In Reverse®, or AIR™. Miki’s training as a therapy dog began and he tested and passed in spring of 2011.

Miki’s therapy work is focused on youth mental health & suicide prevention & includes:
De-stress and educate students about good mental health
Visit students devastated by the loss of a friend to suicide
Inspired an awareness event, Miki & Friends, celebrating how dogs are good for our mental health
Visit Youth Mental Health First Aid classes
Visit to many local behavioral health hospitals
Assist in certifying therapy dogs as a Bone-A-Fide Test Dog

Rebecca McLelland-Crawley, ED.D had this to say about Miki. “I teach where student stress levels are reaching historically high levels. Miki has played an invaluable role in helping students lower stress. Miki is a blessing to all who meet him. The reach of Miki’s work went beyond the walls of our school, and has helped the community engage in difficult conversations about mental health