Miles — Service

Location: Portland, Oregon

Miles is a 4 year old Border Collie and Golden Retriever Mix from my local county shelter. After being temper tested I adopted him as a possible Service Dog (in training) in October of 2018. As someone who lives with depression, situational anxiety, PTSD, and night terrors I was a bit unsure on how to go forward and feel better. That’s when I was introduced to the world of Service Dogs. We started in basic obedience training and from there worked on task training. He absolutely loves his job. He looks forward to getting vested and coming with me every single day to work and knows exactly what to do. He went from a rescue dog in a shelter to a hero. He is my hero in every single way possible. Our favorite thing to do on our spair time is hike. The picture attached was taken on our favorite train at Powell Butte in Oregon. Miles has done so much for me and I’d like for him to be recognized and for someone that is not myself can tell him good job. He truly lit up my whole world.