Minion — Guide / Hearing

Location: Topeka, Kansas

Minion (nicknamed Squin by his fans) is the smallest Super Hero in my life. But don’t let his size fool you, he has many jobs, but alerting me to important sounds at home is his main job.

He has sharp hearing of his own, as well as a sharp nose, which helps him with one of his favorite jobs: mousing. This four pound super hero cleared a house and an entire barn of vermin in less than a summer.

One evening, he alerted to me that “someone”was in the house. But it turned out that it wasn’t a person at all, but a very large and very lost black Rat Snake, making its way across my chair. I don’t know what I would have done if I accidentally stepped on it. It surely would have bit me, which led me to consider, how thankful I am for this little guy, for it could have been a more dangerous creature, than a harmless Black Rat Snake.
He makes my life easier to get through, day by day, he is loved by all who meet him, and is giving the breed their good name back. He is my own little four pound Superman!