Minnie Pearl — Shelter

Location: Baxley, Georgia

Minnie Pearl came to us 4 yrs ago. The shelter we found her at was at a loss in how to save her as they were out of room. Missing lots of hair, 70 lbs lighter and with a air of hopelessness and dejection this gentle giant came dragging feet from a back room.
My heart was lost when she simple laid down and refused to even look up. Though she smelled like yesterday’s regurgitated lunch, we picked her up and put her in the cab of the truck for the ride home. Vet checks showed she had been cow tied and abused, malnutrition and allergies affected this poor girl.
Flash forward 4 yrs..she is a happy, affectionate shadow! Full coat, healthy weight and pep in her step. She helps mom herd the horses, babysit the bloodhound pups and does her part of community service by going to public events such as Relay4Life, schools, nursing homes, hospice and holiday parades to bring understanding and joy of the breed to others. So many are afraid of these gentle giants, but Minnie shows them it is okay and allows any and all the pleasure of her company.
The biggest thing I hear is..” I have never seen a real bloodhound, only in movies…”.
While we raise them as well, Minnie Pearl is the inspiration of our personal rescue for bloodhounds. To date Minnie and I have helped 20 other bloodhounds find new lives, families and homes filled with love.