Missy — Shelter

Location: Fruitland Park, Florida

Missy is from the Shelter here in Florida.
She rescued me in April of 2017.
I also had two other dogs rescue me which are Missy’s pack mates.

Missy is a white and cream long haired Chihuahua.She is quite shy at first but came out of her shell with me and my sister.

Missy this year defended her pack from a stray dog who attacked my sister’s Chihuahua Taco

The stray dog came in our yard and on my porch we’re the dogs were playing.
He started to bite Taco and Missy went after the stray dog to save Taco.
The stray dog jump over a board I had on my porch to get Taco.
Missy chased the dog and helped Taco survive.
Thanks to Missy Taco was saved from more bites from the stray dog and she defended her two other pack mates.
Missy had some bites but not bad. She is a hero to Taco, Benji, Dolly.
Missy used her voice to let us know that a intruder was hurting Taco.
She chased off the stay dog.And the stray dog was caught by animal control.
I love my rescue dog Missy.
She is a hero Dog.

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