Mixon “Poop doggie dog” — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Freeway's Greyt Escape
Location: Fort Collins, Colorado

Mixon spent the twelve months of his fifteen months of life chained on a leash outside living on a bed of gravel. He was beaten daily and kicked so hard in the head he lost one of his canines, hence his sweet lopsided smile. He was deprived food and water until he was rescued by Bounce Animal Rescue. However, Mixon ended up rescuing me. The previous July I lost my 14 year old fur baby and “only child” and was battling severe depression with her loss and that same July being under the care of a nephrologist due to kidney failure. In November I started suffering from grand mal seizures to add insult to injury. Not wanting to go through the loss of another animal again for some reason in January I was looking through shelter photos and came across Mixon’s photo. His story resonated with me and he has been through nothing but hurt and pain but has nothing to give but love. He is an inspiration and a true example of unconditional love. He saved me from a dark place. He didn’t do anything super amazing or heroic but it was to me. I guess I wish more people would see how amazing pets are, how much love they have to give and maybe do something to make punishments more severe to those that hurt these precious souls. Thank you for reading my Sweet Mixon’s story, he’s snoring right next to me while I write this. Safe and sound. ?