Mnemosyne — Service

Location: Kingston, Massachusetts

I began suffering from anxiety and depression in 2010. In 2012 I started my first medication and was committed to a locked ward because I was suicidal. I tried lots of different medications and nothing worked. My anxiety got to the point where I could almost never leave the house, I just stayed home with my dog in bed all the time. I even lost jobs and clients over it. I had constant suicidal ideation and planning. In 2015 I started cutting myself extensively. When my dog died in 2017 I attempted suicide and again ended up in the hospital. In 2018 I got Mnemosyne (Mnemy), at 8 weeks old. After discussing with my psychiatrist we decided that having a Psychiatric Service Dog would be greatly beneficial. I cannot explain how much she has turned around my life. Before her, I couldn’t imagine waking up and not wanting to die every day. Now, I have stopped cutting, I have gone off my daily anxiety medication and I have held a job at a kennel for a year and a half. I can go out and do things and sometimes I don’t even need to bring her but when my anxiety is bad I am still able to do everything because I have her with me. I love my job, I rarely struggle to leave the house, I smile and have even started racing motorcycles! I will always have anxiety and depression but now it’s well managed and I no longer consider suicide. Mnemy has turned my life around 180 degrees and allowed me to be HAPPY again. She has LITERALLY saved my life. She is my best friend, my love, my hero.