Moira — Shelter

Location: Placerville, California

I nominate Moira because she is remarkable and beat all the odds. Moira came into the shelter as stray, most likely abandoned, emaciated, weighing only 45 lbs as an 11 month old Great Pyrenees who should have weighed 80 filled with worms and covered in flea dirt. She was very gentle and kind and knew no wrong, however she kept failing her behavior evaluations for being possessive and clingy. She was considered for euthanasia and kept getting more and more desperate until I decided to step in and foster her. As soon as I got her I worked on training her to be more confident and getting her weight to where it was supposed to be. I only had her as a foster for a week before I decided to keep her. Since then we have worked on her confidence and behavior and gotten her to weigh 85lbs. She is now 14 months old and as happy as she could be. I’m happy that I could be there every step of her recovery journey and help save a shelter dog.