Mojo — Shelter

Location: Seekonk, Massachusetts

Please meet MOJO.
MOJO joined our family in 2010. After a bad accident in 2007, I became disabled and MOJO has been by my side everyday since he joined us.
MOJO has always been a loyal and great protector to my Wife and 2 girls, always warning us when he thinks intruders may be near and making my family feel safe.
We always knew there was something special about Mojo, but not till one night in 2017 did he show us what a true HERO he is. With my disability, doctors tried several different meds to control different problems that occurred with my accident. 1 medication I was on caused me to sleepwalk. One night I slept walked to the kitchen and put on a pan of food on the stove and returned back to my recliner and went to sleep. The food burned up, the pan actually melted It was so hot, the whole house filled with smoke.
MOJO somehow found his way through all the smoke, found me, climbed on me with his front paws and continued to pounce on me and bark until I woke up.
I got to the kitchen to take care of what happened, got to my family, got MOJO and my Family out of the house. Opened up all the windows and doors.
MOJO saved our lives that night.
I also have sleep apnea and forget to wear my mask some nights, when he no longer hears my snoring and my breathing stops, he barks loudly till he wakes me up.
MOJO has not had the honor of wearing a badge or a cape.
But still he is a true defintion of HERO and we would love to show him our gratitude with this award.

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