Molly — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Pets for Patriots
Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Molly is a deaf Bull Terrier mix with a rough start in life. She was picked up as a stray in Pinal County Arizona when she was around a year old. She was examined and the Vet determined by her behaviour and injuries she had been used as a bait dog for dog fighting. Underdog Rescue of Arizona took her in and worked to find her a home. They placed her in at least ten homes and she was always returned. With the abuse and being deaf she is a challenge to take care of. I got Molly last year, she was 7 years old. She is my third deaf dog so I understand she has issues. She is a good girl and just wants to be loved. But the abuse she endured has made her a handful. She shreds towels, sheets, blankets and dog beds. She does many “bad” things but she is not a bad dog. She is looking for the person that accepts her for her even when she does”bad” things. I don’t have enough space to give justice to my dear Molly. Her faults are not a concern to me, I have many of my own. But I see when she does her
“bad things” and when I don’t punish her for those things, she is like… really I love you so much.

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